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Tire Repair in Melbourne

Gary's 10 Min Oil Change provides professional and rapid tire repair in Melbourne.

We perform expert car servicing and quick oil change.

Tuesdays are Senior Tuesdays. Discounts offered to Seniors every week!

Complete Tire Repair

Gary's 10 Min Oil Change offers complete tire repair services, including:

  • Tire check and inspection
  • Flat tire repair
  • Tire rotation and mounting
  • Tire balancing and wheel alignment

Our team is fully licensed, certified and bonded. Rest assured, your vehicle is in safe and skilled hands. Bring your vehicle in for a quick oil change and/or tire inspection and repair!

A wide range of tire repair services


Tire Repair Melbourne

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Importance of Tire Rotation

Tires should be rotated because they wear unevenly. In fact, the front tires have a tendency to wear more rapidly, particularly on the outer edge because the vehicle leans over whenever you turn corners.

As such, regular tire rotation ensures a more durable and longer life for your tires. Affordable and practical, tire rotation helps you save money in the long run.

Call Gary's 10 Min Oil Change for a quick tire rotation!

Preventing tires to wear unevenly


Tire Repair Melbourne

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